Hello world

Life consists of phases, which, ever-pulsating perpetually shift perceptions of each lifestream, emanating from ineffable source, endlessly intertwining in hypnotic quantum infinitesimal significance yet profoundly poignant nonetheless.

Just a bit of psychobabble. Now that’s out of the way. Welcome to the deep end. You can depend that everything that’s gonna be penned is gonna derive from the organic device of the consciousness of DpenD.

The third paragraph is very straightforward and will explain things in a simple manner. I am now boarding my flight to Qatar. 15 hours. Then 2 hours layover. Then 5 more hours to Thiruvananthapuram.

4 thoughts on “Hello world”

  1. Hey Daniel, congrats on your trip! That’s so awesome that you’re already on your way! Sorry I missed you before you left, but I’ll be responsive to email. I check this address (ethan.evans@berghealth.com) daily for work, but I will also try and regularly check here too. Anyway, I’m super excited for you, India should be sweet! Harshal told me that Thiruvananthapuram is one of the most scenic cities in India, and I read elsewhere that it has the best public transportation.
    I went to a Belmont music school-related concert at Will’s last week where he and other students/teachers played original compositions, and Will played your piece Sorcerer. Also, Bill played some crazy polyrhythmic latin jazz and Belfiglio played a Halloween piece. I spent Halloween in Chattanooga with Austin and his roommates. I was the gingerbread man from Shrek (Austin was Shrek) and Nicole, Shelby & Jessica were the three blind mice, haha!



    1. Hey Ethan thanks for the comment! It’s amazing here. The little I have seen is super mind-blowing. That’s cool about the concert, Will told be but I hope he got a recording like he thought he might! And yeah that’s a great choice of costume for sure, lol.


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