A few snaps

So I haven’t been so diligent with updates as I had planned, but when traveling you find many things oppose the expectations you hold! There are four Christ Nagar schools in the compound that I am staying in and I have been busy performing for the children, giving some lectures on jazz music, and recently, helping to work on the music for their Christmas program. I have seen the Trivandrum zoo and art museum which were unbelievable, the museum holding art centuries old, some of which was the most impressively intricate and perfect craftsmanship I have ever witnessed. I have been to the beach with its bright orange sand. I have enjoyed the incredible Keralite cuisine of spicy curries, dosa, sambar, and many other delicious dishes. I have withstood strange convolutions occurring within my brain and soul as I attempt to absorb this amazing culture. I have never been a minority before and the experience is strange to say the least.

Below are some pics from my journey thus far. I will be doing more traveling in the future of my trip here. I have been stationary thus far but have been finding out about some places I ought to see and I will write more as I am better informed as to my plans!

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