DpenD (introducing…)

Welcome and may I officially introduce DpenD to you all?

What happens to something when it becomes “deepened?” It becomes more vast, increased in meaning & scope. So the purpose of this site is to take topics which are commonly discussed in the News Media, Social Media, and society in general and to penetrate to a deeper level of contemplation on these important issues.

What are people saying when they tell you you’ve gone off the deep end? They are insinuating you are insane. They are expressing a subconscious fear that you might understand something they do not and thus label you as crazy. So another facet of this blog’s purpose is to dispel this common fallacy. You see, no one is crazy, it’s just that we are all different and comprehend things in different ways.

Finally, I am the creator of this blog and my name is DPenD. Now that I have effectively destroyed the mystery of this name and its triple-entendre, we are ready to embark on this journey. Please join me in the coming weeks and months! Let’s work together and shift the consciousness of ourselves and others, sparking a transformation of humanity, nonviolently, from the inside out.

Please leave any comments, questions, or feedback below.

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