In a world of artificiality

Can I get some real feels?

Like this…

I’m frustrated with myself as a musician because I feel disconnected from what made me want to pursue it in the first place, the magic I felt as a little child.

I’m disgusted when I realize how I alienate myself from people with my words at the times when they really need some empathy and are desperate for some compassion.

I’m anxious to consider how little I really understand what it’s like to be somebody else, and sad that I spent so long pretending like I did.

I’m elated to realize that this life is a constant learning process!  I’m liberated to know that there’s no need for guilt or judgement, just understanding & discernment.

I’m nervous to make myself vulnerable, but yearn to connect with people at a real deep level.

I’m annoyed with what I perceive as the utter shallowness and complacency in our culture that discourages this process to take place naturally.

I’m angry that children are being instructed in a way that so often fails to nurture their real essence of humanity and instead, teaches them to be good slaves to all types of authority.

I’m hopeful about this generation, our innate divinity & the potential for awakening every soul’s heart to the unbelievable beauty of everything the world calls ugly.

I’m ineffable when I contemplate infinity & the endless connections between myself and the boundless cosmos…

I’m filled with joy when I think about that day Be With Us when each and every person realizes that Death is Illusion and we enter the next phase of our glorious destiny!

I’m filled with despair when I consider the massive collective suffering and pain of humankind’s self-inflicted self-destruction.

I’m ashamed to know I contribute to this violence & the perpetuation of barbaric traditions in subtle ways when I don’t decode & deprogram these lies from my consciousness.

I’m hopeful because I believe that forgiveness and unconditional love shall triumph over all separation.

I’m ecstatic because I feel a cosmic kinship with all that lives and I choose to be the presence of peace in a world obsessed with & addicted to conflict.

What do you really feel? Let me know below.


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