Technology As A Plaigirization of Spirituality

This article is inspired by talks given by Sevan Bomar. (Gotta give credit where it’s due)

Modern technology… godsend or apocalyptic sorcery? We have capacities now that our ancestors would have dreamed of… or would they really? Did they know something that perhaps we have forgotten in our materialistic complacency? Did they have capacities that we now scoff at as delusion in our snooty narrowminded “rationality?” Of course, this is a bit of a rhetorical question. The ancient enlightened societies absolutely possessed a more complete and sophisticated comprehension of their “hardware”- innate human capacities which are in a latent state in most modern humans, and even flat out denied to exist by many in the name of scientific ignorance, or myopic empiricism.

Of course these include the five senses of the eyes (cameras), ears (microphones), nose(chemical sensors), touch (kinesthetic sensors), and taste (chemical sensors.)
How about technologies like filtration systems (liver/kidneys), computers (brain/nervous system), ovens (stomach), fans (lungs), grinders (teeth), and so many other machines we have? They are the expression of parts of the human being in the physical realm.

However, it also includes higher abilities of humans that are presently considered impossible by some people, including telepathy (telephone), tapping into the collective consciousness/ clairsentience (internet), manifesting objects and transmuting existing ones into other forms (virtual reality/ augmented reality), remote viewing/ clairvoyance (remote cameras), clairaudience (remote microphones), astral projection (vehicles), and even possibilities such as bilocation (teleportation/ quantum location.) That is only scratching the surface as possibilities are near endless for the higher capacities of man.

If Christ and so many other avatars such as Buddha and the Rishis of old were capable of the miracles claimed of them (it is likely that quite a few are genuine) then do we not all hold these divine possibilities within, somewhere obscured from our present awareness? If so, why do we need technology at all? If we spent as much time developing ourselves through intention and diligence as we spend on our devices and modern conveniences, we would likely already have the capacities of our present technology, and many more. A member of a certain tribe of aborigines was asked why they were capable of deep intuition and effortless telepathy between them, while we in the civilized world are not. The stated reply was: “It is because you lie, and we do not.”

We short circuit our organic technology in a million ways. We sabotage it. We deny its existence. We burned the user manuals (quite literally, the fires at Alexandria, etc.). We resigned ourselves to a dull life of smallness and slavery to physical objects, crude plaigirizations of organic spiritechnology. Yet we still hold this awesome potential within… and the free will to choose to unlock it.

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