Unite East & West


Sometimes, people want to know why I have such a passion for the East. For instance, Eastern spirituality such as Buddhism, Daoism, Advaita philosophy and others. Also, Indian culture, Japanese culture, Chinese culture, etc., including the desire to become fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, and Hindi before I depart this planet? Many would see this as impossible or even insane. However, it is a main part of my mission on the Earth to make myself a living bridge of East & West. Why should we westerners study, interact with, and revere Eastern culture? Simple. Easterners are already doing the same. They speak English, adopt our (sometimes horrendous & barbaric) customs, and study our literature. It is only balanced that we do our part.

We’re talking about thousands of years of organic cultural maturation! As we study the classics of the Greeks & Romans, draw influence from the Renaissance and ‘Age of Enlightenment’, why should we not also study the Brahmanic literature? The Buddhist literature? The teachings of Zoroaster? The teachings of Confucius? Lao Tzu? So many others whose names are obscured from our popular awareness? The difficulty of doing so is no rational excuse for our strange collective complacency in this area.

Also, it brings tremendous potential for brain/soul development, growing more open-minded, and greater feelings of joy/wonder. We have the capacity to understand things that presently seem nothing more than jumbled, confused, or irrational. If we will patiently and diligently study and communicate with different types of people, we will gradually come to enlarge at a soul level. This act of raising one’s vibrational frequency impacts every living thing at a quantum level. This is the work “we are given to do,” sometimes referred to as “The Great Work” or the “Universal Curriculum.”

Through the intention of being a living sacrifice for drawing humanity closer to the Reality of its Being, we feel a sense of purposefulness to our existence. In fact, is it really fair to call it a “sacrifice” as we are merely choosing what is greater over the mundane and tragic manner in which society encourages us to live? To live for the Greater brings bliss and peace which passes comprehension. Let us seek to draw close to one another and eradicate suffering through the spiritual alchemy of compassion. Let us Unite East & West.

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