Please Read [DpenD]

IMG_2859.JPGHi everyone! This is going to be a bit of an unusual post. Some may think it is awkward, but please read it if you can spare the few minutes it will take to do so.

I want to clarify the nature of what I will be posting on social media from here on out, and briefly explain what I feel is my mission at this time on planet Earth.

I write this post because I feel I have generally restrained myself from posting exactly what the spirit moves me to on the internet. I think that is a bit dishonest and feel self-imprisoned in this strange desire to gain social approval at the expense of true expression. However, this signifies the ‘Beginning of the End’ of that self-imposed limitation. So, I want to issue this announcement as a declaration, and as a warning (In case you wish to unfollow me, unfriend me, etc.)

I would like to begin to transmit what is genuine and passionate within myself to all of you, my extended family. This will not always fall within traditional or accepted ways of thinking or believing. For instance, what will be posted can not be defined as a specific religion or philosophy, but a synthesis of all that is true within my personal experience weaved into a cohesive living narrative which will evolve and grow with time. I make no claims to originality. I am highly influenced by many brilliant individuals both living and dead.

Some are quite confused due to the fact that I will refer to, for instance, biblical ideals along with eastern spiritual concepts. That is because no one dogmatic tradition holds a monopoly on Truth, and there have been countless prophets and teachers of Reality throughout the generations, in every language, every era, and every country. One person, name, or thing is not the Deity. In fact, every person is a Supreme Being en potentia, as evidenced by the teachings “Those will come who do greater things than I,” “Tat Tvam Asi(I Am That),” and “Aham Bramasmi.”(I Am Brahman)

Some may feel disappointed, and desire that I am confined to one label such as “Buddhist”, “Christian”, “Philosophical”, “English”, “Human” etc. However, it cannot be so, as labeling represents limitation. This may disturb some people, and no offense is taken if you choose to remove yourself from my influence however you so choose. I wish you well and love you regardless.

That being said, I will always endeavor to post in a manner which is life-affirming to the best of my ability, I just can’t make any guarantees that it will appeal to a specific type of individual. That’s because I am interested in all people, not just one sect of people. I don’t desire all people to believe in the same way, as this is quite frankly impossible. Instead, I aim to understand things as they are at a fundamental level, outside of morals & dogma.

My mission on this planet is to assist in the mass awakening of humanity to the Reality of Who We Truly Are. Unceasingly I will transmit, to the best of my ability, the unconditional Love Energy from which we are composed.

The future of humanity is not in division, but in Union; of all peoples, religions, philosophies, sciences, and disciplines into a monad of Truth & Beauty… transmuting what is broken within us into the perfection of Wholeness.

I am a bridgebuilder, holding the intention of bringing together those who are apart; redeeming what is judged and misunderstood, and embodying the the infinity of the Inner Essence of Reality, insofar as I am able to.

I am aiming for nothing short of Total World Realization.

I look forward to joining with you in the coming eternity of our wondrous destiny together. Let us learn and grow together in a beautiful comradeship, manifesting a lovely co-creation.


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