Fear is Unreal, Death is Unreal

IMG_3185The world as it appears to most people is the embodiment of the energy of fear, death and destruction. Yet it is not necessary to condemn this fact, only to redeem it. The root of the fear of the average human is in fact, the primal fear of the death of the physical body. Yet ancient wisdom has ever declared that nothing can be destroyed, it can only become transformed. Therefore, though the body may decompose into its constituent parts, it persists infinitely through the cyclical nature of reality. This is in direct opposition to the fallacious view of a ‘linear’ concept of time/ life presented in much of western religious and philosophical thought. In fact, Fear is Unreal, and Death is Unreal, on an ultimate level.

Overcoming Fear

What is the easiest way to overcome fear? To see it for what it is: a biochemical survival mechanism of the mind. However, we are not simply the mind, or the body. Therefore fear does not apply to that which is fearless, just as darkness has no true existence, it is merely the absence of light. When Reality is perceived directly, through experience, as a sort of Supermassive Luminous Singularity, there will be no room for Fear within the consciousness as something real. It will be seen to be only an artifice of perception lacking any substance.

Overcoming Death

To overcome fear, first one must experience the truth that death is an illusion. Many religious traditions refer to this process, which is the “Death of the Lesser”, the “Second Birth”, “Liberation”, “Enlightenment”, etc. It is a very simple process, one of continual surrender to that which is Greater, in perfect Faith united with transcendent Logic. It is the culmination of God Immanent and Transcendent, meaning the Divinity Within and the Divinity Without are seen to be One. Though it is simple, it is not necessarily easy for most humans.

A Daily Practice

Becoming “enlightened”, or filled with the Essence of Reality, can be seen as both an instantaneous and a gradual process. The first step for most is to understand eternal truths on an intuitive or emotional level. Then one may comprehend these ideas in an intellectual manner. Finally, one will have the direct experience of Reality, to whatever extent one is ready to receive it. The result is a direct “Knowing” without the need for verification from the sense perceptions or thought of any kind. However, most will fluctuate in this understanding, and need a devotional practice to maintain this transcendent vision in the midst of an ignorant world. This is known as “Devotional Nonduality.” Ponder these things constantly in your innermost chamber of being, and eventually all will come to see the Light which is inexpressible in words.

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