May 2016 Personal Update


As you can see from the title, this post is an update to all of you on what I am currently up to for this year. I am excited to share this and fondly look forward to the process of pursuing these aspirations. I will attempt to make this as simple as possible. My goals for the remainder of this year are:

1) Healing & Development
a)physically (nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, detoxification, meditation)
b)emotionally/socially (communication, outreach, correspondence, the arts)
c)intellectually (writing, reading, concentration exercises)
d)metaphysically (meditation, prayer, devotional nonduality)

This could be construed as a selfish undertaking. However, I believe each person must perfect themselves constantly in order to help others. “To help another, you must first put yourself beyond the need for help.” I will also endeavor to help and guide anyone who reaches out to me for assistance in any of these areas in every way I can.

2) Japanese
a)Written (hiragana, katakana, kanji, study grammar)
b)Spoken (conversational, slang, philosophical)
c)Listening (comprehension, speech patterns, logic style)

I plan to get to a lower intermediate level in this language by the end of this year. I will be largely doing self-study, but welcome anyone who wants to join in this with me! I am planning on being in Japan for some time in 2017 and would like to be at a decent level before departing. Resources I am currently using are the free ‘Japanese Audio Flashcards’ created by Roger Lake ( for grammar, Moses McCormick’s ‘FLR’ method ( for practical speaking, WaniKani for learning Kanji (, Real Kana for learning kana (, the textbook “Japanese for Busy People 1 (Kana Version)” for practicing reading kana, and chat resources such as GoSpeaky ( and SharedLingo ( to talk with native speakers.

3)Record Music

I’m planning on recording and releasing a musical project by the end of this year, focused on composition/ songwriting. Details TBA.

a)Obtain Nutritional Balancing & Hair Mineral Analysis Certification
b)Teaching (private tutoring & lessons)
c)Writing (this blog)
d)Musical (gigs, sessions, lessons)
e)Podcasts (

These are the main areas of work I will be focusing on this year, some of which will involve monetary compensation immediately, and some of which are a long-term investment.

So much for this personal update! What are your aspirations for 2016? I’d love to hear from you!!



2 thoughts on “May 2016 Personal Update”

  1. Those are some incredible goals set for yourself, and I am excited to virtually acompany you along this journey! Many of your own goals I have set for myself, few of those even subconsciously, and your words fit the mold of what I was feeling. So thank you, for the update! Have a beautiful day!


  2. I’m grateful that you read and replied, and giddy that you’d consider following my progress!! I’ve always been ambitious but haven’t completed many projects because I never made them seem concrete. But, I’ve got a lot of fire for achieving these goals and am confident that I can follow through with them. I wish for you the same thing, have an awesome day!


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