Beyond a Survivalistic Lifestyle

IMG_2618It is our destiny as a species to shift beyond a survivalistic lifestyle. This process of transition began when humanity first developed the capacity for self-reflection many thousands of years ago. Fundamental to this shift is the development of biotechnology which utilizes principles of abundance & magnetic attraction rather than the currently outmoded resistance technology in use today. For example, electrons are incessantly whirring around the central nucleus of an atom; this is essentially infinite energy that can be transformed into different forms with the proper quantum technology. All that is necessary is that we convert the current mainframe built for death, war, and destruction into a system for transmitting life, peace and abundance between social groups. This process is rapidly gaining ground at this time and the purpose of this article is to raise awareness about it.

To meet the basic needs of all of humanity is a very simple task, for all sentient beings require the same things. Among them: clean water, nutritious food, proper shelter, adequate rest, social acceptance, sexual/sensual health, a sense of purpose, a sense of contentment, and a tangible connection to the Divine aspect of themselves. These needs may appear daunting to acquire for 7 billion individuals, however, it merely requires governmental forces to desist in their greed and tyranny, once a sovereign people demands that such be done. At that time the massive chunk of money which is now spent on military development may be put to use in building a hypertechnological global mainfraime for the sustenance and prosperity of all life on Earth. We can create a hybridized lifestyle which is simultaneously more ancient, i.e. more natural with regards to our agricultural methods, and more futuristic in the sense that biotechnological devices which generate no pollution and even increase the etheric energy in the environment can be relied upon to produce a standard of living incredible in its potential.

What is needed is to reprogram the primal animalistic fear consciousness related to survival which is deep-seated in the species so that it becomes re-contextualized to serve its vital function without impeding on the urgent evolution of homo sapiens into our next phase. This is quite realistic yet requires awareness and effort on a global scale to re-wire the collective subconscious so that our creative and destructive energies are capable of remaining in a better balance. Once all sciences, arts, and religions are seen to be mutually compatible and integral, we shall fully shift beyond a survivalistic lifestyle as a species and be filled with joy inexplicable and ecstasy ineffable.


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