Are things limited or abundant?

The universe that we inhabit is overflowing with diverse energies both potential and manifest. The fallacious idea of scarcity has been programmed into our consciousness through the unbalanced monetary system that is currently utilized, which is a fiat system, meaning that value is created by the whim of those who control the printing presses, instead of being based on something concrete such as gold or silver. People have become convinced that there’s not enough of certain physical resources to go around, even extending to emotional and psychic energies where there’s the idea “I only have so much love to give,” etc. This conception of limited supply has infected our collective being, but is it really true? In a reality of billions of galaxies, is it possible to have a shortage of things?
It is in the interest of the current power structure that we agree. If everyone were to wake up to the fact that there is enough energy to go around, perhaps we would demand that  resources be utilized in a more equitable and rational manner. Perhaps, we would not be content to see some people starve and embroiled in abject poverty. Perhaps even those in such a position would not allow themselves to remain. Therefore, disagreeing with the popular notion of scarcity would have dire consequences to the hierarchical societal structures which are millennia old. Yet, we are several billion strong! If we understand this idea of limited energy supply is absurd, will things not transform dramatically on the planetary system?

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