Why I Choose to Create In Spite of It All

I know this title is a mouthful. But perhaps sharing this may help someone, so I’d like to explain why I chose to un-do the self-imposed silence to which I had fallen victim to. Why I stopped creating freely and how I reversed this decision. Yes, I’d like to tell you Why I Choose to Create In Spite of It All.

Why I Stopped Creating Freely

It’s hard to say when it even happened. But, at some point, I acquired a strange timidity with regards to creating by any means. That includes drawing, writing, singing, composing, cooking, speaking, and so many others. I even censored my imaginations, my dreams, my aspirations, my emotions, my logic, and every aspect of myself. It seems quite bizarre, but I had resigned myself to a life of drudgery, normality and psychic discomfort simply because of my fear to see things as they truly are and embrace my natural uniqueness.

How I Reversed This Decision

It’s also difficult to explain when I started to reverse this process. But, I know it started with the realization of what I was doing, and making the intention to do something differently. I started to see how many symptoms of dis-ease this was leading to on every tier of my being. When you plug up a faucet, eventually, the pipes burst. So, one day I simply began to clear the muck that had accumulated and sought to allow the stream of inspiration to flow calmly without resistance. Daily, I re-affirm that it is ok to be as I am and express myself genuinely in each moment.

Why I Choose to Create In Spite of It All

I choose to create because it is the natural tendency that all life shares. I am a part of that life, holding a deep longing for the awareness of our interconnection, receiving great fulfilment by overcoming the obstacles to its expression, and giving constant thanks that I was endowed with the ability to do so. In spite of my seeming imperfections, fears of judgement, and anguish over my past choices; I choose to create!





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