Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energy

A topic of vital importance at this time is the Balancing of Feminine & Masculine Energies within one’s self and the world. Most are aware of the imbalanced status in society of men & women which we all suffer from. There has been a systematic and intense effort to remove people’s awareness of the massive power of the human female, for instance, which is the cause of much sorrow and many horrors. However some are not aware that everyone contains both Feminine & Masculine Energy within themselves, analogous to the forces of Yin & Yang respectively, which cry out to be integrated in a harmonious fashion. This understanding unlocks the esoteric meaning of the countless myths of hermaphroditic gods. In our truest state as beings, we are actually complete in and of ourselves with a perfect balance of these forces because our mind or consciousness is both a ‘womb’ and a ‘creator’! We are capable of conceiving of an infinite diversity of ideas or thought-forms, placing it to gestate in the receptacle of our consciousness, and thereafter birthing it into concrete reality! This is the nature of anything that exists concretely, it must have a masculine aspect which generates the seed, a feminine aspect which places the seed into an egg and develops it, and a mediating aspect which allows the two to coexist.

In light of this, it is pure insanity to attempt to elevate the masculine above the feminine or the feminine over the masculine. To attempt to do this is utterly foolish and impossible, and we see the widespread destruction this endeavor has caused on our planet and our collective psyche. In the future, I plan to create a podcast which discusses the Equality & Interconnection of the Female & Male aspects of creation within all things. This I term the Sublime Union of Nam & Man [Nam is a term which shows the true essence of womankind to mankind in equity and balance.]

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