Seven Soul-Steps


Awaken, my child—
Resurrect that infinite within-spanse
Disentranced by surface perception
Refined calmness blossom sweet like water:
It reneweth and transformeth,
A spiced fiery liquid imbued
with earthen airy haze,
the paradox, a key,
depart the maze!

Circles & Cycles, Geometry of Trifles
With more potent Cymatics emphatic translate etheric:
Zap out the static/ radical transmission going
Beyond all definition

Our aspiration fated
Attained yet still-awaited bated breath draw prana
All the same conductor of energy strange
With no limits defy physics re-code the game.

We speak the language, lost word recovered again.

Hidden in allegories
Like alligators exteriorly projected
—frightening absurdity—
Expected to be taken literally, game-changer!

When dissected locks crumble the dam collapses
Waves fervent sweep the land inter-dimensionally
Command one’s consciousness take control
Live clear, sovereign, whole.


Beyond the personal—
Covered that, requiring no rehearsal
A dispersal of energies so massive & tragic,
Some bizarre blocked magic, perpetrated systematically
No remorse though submersed in karmic kickback
The slinking ones defeated by self-depleting riffraff
Now in high definition ousted publicly
Fulfilling ancient prophecy

Faith and logic, all polarities:
Once cosmically orchestrated, synchronized despite
Seeming disparities inherit these
Inconceivable abilities so considered by
What’s known as the majority’s “fiction”
Outside dualistic diction we prosper.

Exponential instantaneous
Extraneous stripped by penetration of the causal sphere
A declaration given cosmically—
We no longer adhere to limitations

Nor constraints, ten trillion strong
Voices resound like a moon-sized gong

An omen foreshadowing freedom
Arisen all around do we see signs
Or are we seeing ourselves?
The beacon of eternity


Worlds spun by transcendent intent
Relentless overwhelming love reinvents
What is possible, now anything is plausible
In truth, beloved, we are unstoppable

In the face of fear
The great illusion disappears
Radiant in joy, triumphant emerging
With the tears of immortals enveloping
Us cryogenic in crystalline safety
Our haven established when the waters
Were drawn apart like a curtain,
Swallow in certainty

Consume that which must
Be transmuted a husk of its
Alchemical completion and thus
We integrate, disseminate our
Essence incessantly.

For those overwhelmed
Peace immeasurable sent of silvery realms
At the helm of healing dwell
In the bosom of Ma-El
Primordial creation pulses
Since time immemorial
Generated in that
First gestation

四 。

Founded sol edge in knowlege & love
Wisdom, understanding below & above
Recovered dignity through adversity
An innerversity taught us well

To repel through attraction
To destroy through creation
To increase through subtraction
To affirm through negation

The mystery so great, so simple,
So replete, so nimble & flexible
In adamantine constructed, un-rippled
Un-aged by decay of vast aeons

Coded in the veins of everything
Each minute detail screaming Truth
Only those aloof behave oddly
Deaf, dumb, blind & mute.

A brief instant passes
Amassing momentum advances
A titanic shift approaches
Immune to all futile excuses.

In wide scope lens we flicker & bend
Diffracted through limited vision we mend
And ascend, in gratitude surpassing idealism
The chrysalis— our shell— is shattering


Predicting what’s next a hex
May emerge in the process
for many are the speculators
Few are the prophets

“An economy of god-men, the god-send”
Convinced through millennium elaborate pretend
A joke on one level, heavy in the midst of it
Try to bust the barriers, inflicted by the gist of it

A bright mist obscures radiance
In five-pointed pentagram venusian structure
Dragonlike its beauty intoxicates sickening
Yet sweet reproduce, multiply, irradiate
Infection of DNA accomplished

Obey nothing but the pure
Ineffable experience of balance
Attained by refraining from deviation
Despite awareness of machinations
We craft collectively


Explosion corrodes, imploding distends
Mutant unrecognizable wonder begins within

External the carnal feels abnormally rigid
A pathetic ligamentary confine but one can
Hear it glimmer synesthetic light lipids

Building blocks of nothing & everything grasping
Intermittent phases of colored flame &
Extrapolating pristine elements with great care,
Full awareness & integrity required

Joined extremities- beehive hexagonal
Double trinities coalesce majestically simple
Dimpling space-time: realistic anomalies breathe
Pulsating potential of countless faded dreams
Akasha void screaming chi is supreme

Meaning of each and everything gleaned
By particle-beam seamless streamed
In hyper-technological organic machine
embodied encompassed by our purpose
We persist immortal, the beauty burning
In a bosom so fertile that a monstrous

Progeny thrived causing ancestral demise
Although— take heart!— through nexus we rise
To the surface gasp for air
Embryonic anew, arrived, surreal uncontrived
We open up infinite portals & eyes
Gasping in gratitude, survival inevitable
Singing the words forgotten through time


Beyond this point no One goes


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