September 2016 Personal Update


Hi everyone! お久しぶりですね!It’s definitely been a while, so I wanted to write an update regarding what I have been working on in the past few months.



I have been focusing on my Japanese studies, albeit in a somewhat unusual way, since I have chosen to focus on reading first and foremost. Therefore I am studying a lot of Kanji! I have gotten through around 500 so far and am enjoying the process. For those who don’t know, Kanji are complex logo-graphic characters originating from Chinese which are used in modern Japanese. There are around 2000 “common use” Kanji that Japanese schoolchildren learn by the time they graduate high school. I haven’t been learning how to write them, just how to recognize and pronounce them in various vocabulary words. I use

My grammar knowledge is still very weak! I also haven’t started seriously practicing voice chatting with native speakers yet, but plan to in the near future! It’s a bit tough because of the time difference. I have definitely done some text chatting though, and am trying to enjoy the whole learning process, as becoming frustrated is the opponent of true learning! I have also absorbed quite a bit of different media which has given me some better awareness of slang/ informal speech. I also practice reading fairy tales out loud, like Hikoichi stories, Momotaro, etc. ‘Tis fun =D


I have been taking voice lessons and writing more. This Fall I will be traveling to Nashville to record some original songs and I am very excited to share the process with everybody!!! Stay tuned for more details in the coming days…


I have created around 40 episodes so far, discussing various perspectives on the reality we inhabit and musing about the foundational essence of our being.We have seen how incredibly dynamic and powerful we are as human beings and how we fit into the cosmic hierarchy, ever discovering more nuances beyond the pale of words. You can stream or download them free, here:

Healing & Development

I have, of course, also done my best to focus on continuing to heal myself via balanced nutrition, proper exercise, adequate rest, and daily meditation. I have decided to postpone obtaining a certificate for nutritional analysis for the time being and focus on other endeavors. However I will continue all of the procedures and measures necessary to gradually improve my health and that of others.



So as you can see, studies-wise, my focus is currently on improving my Japanese abilities. However, there is a major musical project also underway which will soon be announced to all you lovely people 🙂

Thank you for reading… have an awesome day 🙂



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