Debut Album Kickstarter— “Cosmic Youth” by Daniel Pendergraft

This project will feature 6-10 original songs recorded at a Studio in Nashville. Art for the album cover is being made by an excellent artist, I’ve got some great musicians playing drums, bass, guitar, etc. It will feature my piano playing and singing. I’ve poured a large amount of love into my music over the years, and I really want to share that with you now. There will also be a poetry compilation called “Cosmic Youth” that will accompany the release of this album in early 2017. You can see all of the incentives that you will receive for helping me fund this project on the page. I’m looking to raise $5500 as this is a realistic estimate for what it will take to make this project a reality. The deadline for getting this amount is October 31 2016 at 4 pm. Thank you very much if you took the time to read about this project and considered chipping in.

Here’s a link to my SoundCloud where you can check out an acoustic version of “Everything” which will be on the album

I’m adding some pictures to this post from my recent trip to Kerala, India and various other scenes from my past and present. They will explain more about me than my words ever will. I love you all!!!


One thought on “Debut Album Kickstarter— “Cosmic Youth” by Daniel Pendergraft”

  1. Reblogged this on Butterfly Garden and commented:
    This is my amazing son’s music project. He is 25 years old, a music major, spent 4 months volunteering his time and energy in Keral, India. Please read his post and listen to his sample song. This is not garbage music! He has put his heart and soul into all of the songs that will be on the album. Look at all of the wonderful incentives you will get for $10, $20, $35, and up donations. You won’t be disappointed if you support his project. I promise you!


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